Breath of the Wild’s Princess Zelda shows me that Nintendo are learning (slowly)

I just wanted an excuse to talk about Princess Zelda, indulge me.

I love Zelda (the franchise AND the Princess), that’s no secret, but it’s problematic.

Spoilers ahead

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Why I loved the Breath of the Wild DLC

There are spoilers in this post!

There was certainly a mixed bag of emotions from gamers when Nintendo announced that BotW would have its own DLC expansions.

It’s understandable really, people have been burned in the past by DLC that seems to complete a game, but people were also concerned about it just being Nintendo jumping on the bandwagon.

Honestly, I was too, but I’m a sucker for Nintendo and the Zelda franchise so I snapped it up as soon as I could, knowing nothing about it other than I’d get a sweet Switch t-shirt for Link.

(It looks great in his selfies)

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On “Geek” Versus “Nerd”

This is really interesting, I think it sums it up well too!


To many people, “geek” and “nerd” are synonyms, but in fact they are a little different. Consider the phrase “sports geek” — an occasional substitute for “jock” and perhaps the arch-rival of a “nerd” in high-school folklore. If “geek” and “nerd” are synonyms, then “sports geek” might be an oxymoron. (Furthermore, “sports nerd” either doesn’t compute or means something else.)

In my mind, “geek” and “nerd” are related, but capture different dimensions of an intense dedication to a subject:

  • geek – An enthusiast of a particular topic or field. Geeks are “collection” oriented, gathering facts and mementos related to their subject of interest. They are obsessed with the newest, coolest, trendiest things that their subject has to offer.
  • nerdA studious intellectual, although again of a particular topic or field. Nerds are “achievement” oriented, and focus their efforts on acquiring knowledge and skill over trivia and memorabilia.

Or, to…

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