“I’ve been waiting for you, Hero of Time.”

After months of ups and downs, waiting and waiting and WAITING, I finally have a plan.

I’m going back to university in January to do a MPhil! I’ll be doing Journalism Studies, which basically means I’m gonna be looking at the media in a critical way.
This also means I’m probably gonna be writing about video games a lot, and the representation of women (they are my main focuses after all).

This means that I’m going to try and start using my blog again, in a more structured way than before.

Before I would just rant, bitch, be an opinionated dick, but I want to change this – I’ve actually removed most of my old posts so I can have a fresh start.

I want to write things that get my thoughts across and that can be a bit casual, a bit chill, and still focusing on issues that really mean something to me.

It’s an attempt to get into the habit of forming an opinion, sourcing my information, trying to vocalise my thoughts and feelings in a way that makes sense to people rather than just going I DON’T LIKE VIDEO GAME TITTIES, kinda like the people I’m critical off who go I REALLY LIKE VIDEO GAME TITTIES.
I don’t want to be at their level, I’m going to be better than them.

Maybe some days I will go off on a tangent and kinda rant about issues that are going on in my life at a personal level, but from now on I’m gonna try and be more active and more intellectual about what I post.

We cool?



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